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Sometimes it is good to hear what other experts think that are not directly related to an industry. Photographer's opinions can be bias by our own preferences. That is why I decided to create a page with links to articles written by career development sites and blogs so that you can get a more well rounded view of the need for professional headshots and how you or your company can benefit from them. Each of these articles are a good source of information to help you decide whether or not professional headshots are a good choice for you.

Why You Need a Professional Headshot? >

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Professional Headshots >

How to Get Great Headshots, Even if You're Camera Shy >

5 Reasons Why You Need a Professional Headshot >

The Best LinkedIn Headshots And How To Create Yours >

How to Take and Choose a Professional Photo for LinkedIn >

The Perfect Realtor Headshot: 32 Ideas & Tips From the Pros >

How You Should (and Shouldn't) Take Your Own Headshot >

How to Take a Headshot That Reflects Your True Personal Brand >

Lawyers: Snap a Winning Headshot >

Is Your Headshot Killing Job Opportunities? >

7 Reasons Lawyers Need a Professional Headshot >

Business Card Headshots: Do’s and Don’ts >

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