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Professional Headshots are not just for Actors

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

Professional headshots are not just for actors. The word headshot is more a description of a type of photograph shot and usually mean a photography that is framed to capture the shoulders and head. The popular use of headshots by the acting community has lead most people to believe they are exclusive to actors but it couldn't be further from the truth. Business professionals, realtors, models, and more all use headshot because of their usefulness for publicity and creating a professional public persona.  

More everyday people are also getting professional headshots now because more employers are browsing social media to research job candidates. According to the number of employers using social media to screen candidates has increased 500 percent over the last decade. Forty-three percent of most hiring managers wanted to see if candidates have a professional online persona and 21 percent admitted to using the what they found as a reason not to hire candidates. Social media is so important now that whether we like it or not each of us has become our own brand. Our social media profiles have become our first impressions and our faces are like our logo. LinkedIn help page says members with a profile photo can get up to 14 times more profile views than members without. 

So what does this mean. Should you get professional headshots. Well it all depends on your profession and what image you want to put forward. Can you take pictures with your own camera. Of course you can but let's be honest. If you want professional images then you should go to a professional. Believe me there is a difference. Is it cost prohibitive. I don't think so. Most people spend more money on their mobile phones. You can find a professional photographer who specializes in headshot for a pretty reasonable amount of money. You should expect to pay anywhere between $150 to $350 for good headshots. It is time for you to think of your image as your brand and this is not the place to skimp. Make sure you are doing everything possible to increase to odds of success no matter what profession your in. You are only going to get one chance to make a first impression and more than likely that chance is going to come in the form of your headshot on social media.

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