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What is a Professional Headshot?

The word headshot mostly refers to a type of photograph where the subject is cropped to include a small amount of the shoulders and mostly the head.

Who uses Professional Headshots?

Actors have used headshots for years as one of their main promotional tools, but headshots are not exclusive to the acting community. The beauty industry has also used them for probably just as long to sell cosmetics. Many businesses and individuals use headshots because they realize that people like human connection and people connect with the human face which can be an advantage when it come to selling things.

Social media and online marketing are the latest industries to make use of the headshot as a promotional tool. Most companies now require all their employees to have professional headshots taken for their company email and online company profiles. As a matter of fact, a lot of companies are using social media to help them decided who they hire. According to the number of employers using social media to screen candidates has increased 500 percent over the last decade. Forty-three percent of most hiring managers wanted to see if candidates have a professional online persona and 21 percent admitted to using what they found as a reason not to hire candidates.

What is Personal Branding?

Our online personas have become so important that there is a new term for it and it is called personal branding. Our social media profiles have become our first impression and our faces are now our logos or brands. LinkedIn help page says members with a profile photo can get up to 14 times more profile views than members without. That’s 1400%. It’s starting to seem like you can’t afford not to have a professional headshot.

Do I really need to hire someone to shoot my headshots?

Yes. The main reason you should hire a professional headshot photographer for your headshots is one simple thing, professionalism. A good acting headshot will cost you between $200 and $500 depending on the skill set of the photographer and your market. A good corporate headshot can cost you as little as $100. Most people spend more for their smartphones. You must look at the expense of a professional photographer as the cost of doing business because it will help you get business and stand out from the crowd.

What should I wear for Acting Headshots?

For most acting headshots, it is a good ideal to show up with multiple outfits. A good headshot photographer can help you chose what is best. However, as a general of rule of thumb you should never wear and busy patterns or bold stripes. You should go for a layered look, mostly tops and jackets. This will usually yield the most variation and the best results in your images which is what most photographers want. Also, actors should update their headshots anytime they change their look drastically. Casting directors really hate it when you show up after they have cast you from your image and you look nothing like your headshot. As a matter of fact it is one of their biggest pet peeves. The other is actor who don't have professional headshots to begin with. Casting directors look at thousands of images and they automatically pass over unprofessional images because it implies the actor just did not care and doesn't take their career seriously. Not much else to say about it.

What should I wear for Corporate Headshots?

Most companies have set guidelines issued by the marketing department for their headshots. They do this so that their image is consistent online and in their marketing materials. If your company doesn’t have a set guideline then here are some suggestions to follow. Whether you are a man or a woman a dark jacket with a light color shirt will almost always be fine. Most companies are conservative, so your company headshot should be also. No crazy ties or bold crazy colors. If you’re a woman I would make sure my outfit leans toward the modest side. You want to get the most out of your headshot as possible. These guideline also apply if you are an individual in need of a headshot for your LinkedIn profile. The whole idea is to be professional. Dress for the job you want. Would you like to know what to where for your professional headshot session? Check out clothing ideas and styles on Pinterest Here.


How do I choose a Headshot Photographer?

I know most people are intimidated when they think of getting headshots but if you follow this guide the process is easy. Just do your homework. The most important thing to remember is to hire a headshot photographer. The biggest mistake people make is that they see wedding photos or others personal photos online and they contact those photographers and ask them to shoot their headshots. Some people ask their friends if they know any photographers and the same thing happens. The friend refers them to a family member who does photography for a hobby, but they are not headshot photographers. You will be much better off if you just search online for an Acting Headshot photographer or a Corporate Headshot photographer. Look first for photographers whose images you like and then choose the most reasonably priced one from that group. Call them up on the phone and see if you like their personality. That is probably one of the most important things. You are the boss when it comes to hiring a photographer and you should like them. When you vibe well with your photographer, if they are any good, your images will be amazing. It just like any of business relationship. Energy goes a long way.

Professional headshots are worth the time and effort. I can promise you that you will stand out from the crowd if you step up your game and follow the advice above. Whether you are an actor, corporate executive, or an individual trying to separate yourself from the pack, professional headshots are the way to go. You are the only person that can stop you from being great.

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