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COVID-19 2023


Calvin Pennick JR Photography takes the threat of COVID-19 seriously. All sessions are book online and a Covid-19 waiver must be filled out to complete your booking. Mask are optional in the studio in accordance with state law.

Welcome to Calvin Pennick JR Photography professional headshot page. It is for corporate professionals as well as working and aspiring actors in need of headshots that get results. Calvin Pennick JR Headshots page contains current session rates and other industry related resources. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out through the contact page. You will receive a response in a timely manner.


Calvin Pennick JR Photography studio is located just off the Southwest Freeway US 59 at Fondren in the Arena Towers. It is conveniently located within reach of Sugarland and the Richmond business district as well as the Galleria area. It is also only a short drive from downtown which makes it near you.


Acting Headshots, Acting Classes and Headshot Tips


There is probably no promotional tool more important to an actor than a well taken headshot. When you think about it, every actor who is working now or has ever worked has submitted their headshot to countless casting directors. The process hasn’t changed very much although the digital age has made it easier and more difficult at the same time. It is so easy to submit images online now that it is even harder to stand out. This is the reason why you should take even greater care in making sure you chose the right headshot photographer. Your acting career could literally depend on it. Calvin Pennick JR Headshots also contains information about acting classes and professional headshot tips.


Headshots for professionals and businesses is the new normal


More and more companies are opting to hire professional photographers to ensure the quality of their brand. You truly only get one chance to make a first impression and that impression more than likely will be online. Even individuals are now making sure their professional social media profiles like LinkedIn and their company profiles contain professional business portraits of themselves. Staff headshots are becoming an integral part of corporate branding. How many times have you been to your doctor’s office and noticed your doctor’s portrait on the wall? This is no accident. They know the seeing their smiling face helps us feel at ease when we enter their office. Make sure your company’s online image is the best it can be with professional staff headshots.


Professional Photographer Calvin Pennick JR is quickly becoming one of Houston’s best headshot photographer. If you take a moment to read his Google reviews, you will begin to see why he has 5 stars Google rating. He believes in making his clients feel at ease and believes that having your image taken should be fun. He believes everyone is photogenic and will go out his way to make you believe it too. 

Knowledge and Customer Service

Not all photographers are good at the same things. Don't undermine your business or brand by choosing the wrong type of photographer. When it comes to professional headshots you want a photographer that specializes. You wouldn't take a Honda to a Chevy dealer right? So why would you ask a wedding photographer to shoot your company's staff headshots. Calvin Pennick JR Photography has put a considerable amount time and effort into focusing on professional headshots photography for actors and business and you can be confident that your images will your industry's standards.


Check his Professional Headshots Guide for information about why professional headshots are so important for your business and what to wear for your headshot session. Curious about what other people are doing for their corporate headshot and branding? Check Pinterest for great corporate headshot ideas Here.

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